Quarter Midget and Kart Racing in Las Vegas

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 Quarter Midgets - Flat Karts

Please read, then scroll down past C.O.C. for division and race rules.


Please read completely.

First and foremost. Our club is a PRIVATE companies and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. This includes removal and permanent suspension from our track. All procedures below pertain to QM & KR  and QMA but at the local level our decision to refuse service supersedes any other policy pertaining to our track. Please remember this.

This document shall serve the QM & KR by defining behaviors that are unacceptable and the disciplinary actions that may become necessary. Inappropriate conduct, harassment or abuse directed towards anyone will not be tolerated.

Any conflict between participants, family and fans may be resolved by the club officials at the time of occurrence. The maximum action that may be taken is to remove offending member(s) from the facility for that day, minimum. If all parties involved in the conflict agree, the matter is closed and no further action will be necessary. Any disciplinary action, including probation that continues beyond the day of occurrence, we will use the procedures listed in this document unless other action is needed. The participant must ALSO follow the QMA COC found on the QMA website.

Code of Conduct Time and Location


COC violations will apply to situations occurring from the time a member arrives at the track facility or event location until the time they leave the track facility or event location. This also pertains to all online or text activity pertaining to our track.


Track facilities and event locations will include all areas on and around the facility defined by the event organizers to hold the race event, activity or function, social media or text list. Location will also include places used for off-site exhibitions, banquets, car shows and other QM & KR or QMA events in which QM & KR and QMA members participate or are representing QM & KR and QMA.

Code of Conduct Violations

Violations have been grouped together in Levels from 1 to 4 to categorize a complaint mirroring but not exactly like the QMA COC. This will serve as a guide to determine the appropriate action. The Owner and/or his staff will assign a level for violations that are not listed in this procedure.

Level 1

Consists of but not limited to a disturbance caused by a member or driver to such an extent that the event is disrupted due to voices raised in anger towards others attending the event. Abusive, profane, taunting, threatening or harassing language, threatening, mocking or obscene gestures towards any person, continued antagonizing behavior towards anyone including but not limited to race officials and the company QM & KR.

Level 2

Consists of but not limited to, threats of physical assault toward any person at the event, verbal abuse of a driver by his or her handler or other handlers or disobeying an order from the Race Director or Board member in authority to leave the property or return to their trailer.

Level 3

Consists of but not limited to physical assault and battery of any person at the event, willful destruction of QM & KR and/ or another person’s property, indecent exposure, member under the influence of alcohol, or member under the influence or possession of illegal drugs.

Level 4

Consists of but not limited to physical violence toward any individual to the point of injury. The act of sexual misconduct, including nonconsensual and intentional physical contact of a sexual nature involving any individual. This may also include violence or threats of violence towards any person at the event involving a weapon of any kind.

Law Enforcement personnel may be needed for Level 3 and 4 violations.

1 Procedure for Filing Complaint

1. A member should contact an Official at the event if they believe a person has violated any of the four levels of this Code.

2. The Official will contact the Race Director or ranking QM & KR Board member present at that event and they will determine the appropriate course of action based on the situation and level of violation.

3. Person(s) witnessing the incident will write a detailed description of what was seen, heard and said during the incident. Complaint must include names of people directly involved, names of witnesses, and time of incident. If a minor witnesses the incident, a parent or adult must file the complaint on his/her behalf. The complaint should be delivered to the Race Director or ranking club Board member within 24 hours after the incident.

2 Code of Conduct Hearing

The Officials or Board may take one of the following actions:

1. Convene a meeting of the QM & KR Officials or Board members present to immediately address the incident.

2. Schedule a formal hearing as outlined below to hear testimony and render judgment.

Procedure for Hearing

1. Complaints will be heard as follows:

● Filed at a local event: Must be heard by the QM & KR Board of Directors.

● May also be Filed at a State Race or Regional event.

● May be Filed at a National event (Grands)

2. Hearing should be held within seven days of initial complaint.

Board members will recommend the penalty with approval of the QM & KR owner.

3. All persons involved in the incident will be notified of the time and place/method of meeting.

4. Complainants and witnesses will give verbal or written testimony of the incident.

5. Defendant will be allowed to hear letters of complaint against them and to provide witnesses to support their case and respond to the charges against them.

6. The Board must agree by a majority vote of those present on the level of violation, if any.

7. The Disciplinary Action Policy should be used as a reference for punishment for all violations and prior QM & KR COC violations must also be considered when determining level of punishment. The QM & KR Board must agree by a majority vote of those present at the meeting on the penalty.

8. The QM & KR Board will notify the defendant of its decision in person, by phone or email and by certified mail within 24 hours.

Copies of this notification must be sent to the RD, National Board and National Secretary within 7 days.

9. The National Secretary will send out a new COC list to all Regional Directors within 48 hours of the receipt of a Board’s (Local, Regional, or National) decision on a COC violation. The Regional Director will forward a copy to their clubs within 48 hours.


Confidentiality Policy

Persons involved in these cases should use proper discretion in discussing the details of the case including verbal or written testimony involved in a COC case. Details concerning a COC case are to be kept confidential by the QM & KR Board investigating and hearing the case. Meetings must be closed to everyone except those directly involved in the case.

1) Disciplinary Policy

The QM & KR has partially adapted the QMA Disciplinary Policy that contains the following four levels of progressive disciplinary action. Disciplinary action should be applied but not limited to the same level as the violation. The Board hearing the complaint will consider the situation and previous QM & KR and QMA COC violations before rendering a punishment. The Board will consider moving to the next higher level or a longer suspension within that level for persons committing multiple violations within a 12-month period.

2) Suspension Definitions

Individual Suspension - Individual member may not attend or participate in QM & KR and possibly other QMA events that require QMA membership.

If a suspended individual enters a QM & KR and QMA event location for any reason, the suspension will be reviewed by the club and may increase to a family suspension.

Family Suspension – Member and all members of a family membership. Family will not be allowed to attend or participate in QM & KR and QMA events that require QMA membership.

Level 1 -Written Warning/Suspension

1. Written warning is usually recommended for first time offense but more severe policies may be added.

2. Members receiving multiple Level 1 violations within a 12-month period may be given a one to three weeks Level 1 Individual suspension. This may include multiple violations at the same event or single violations at different events.

Level 2– One to Three Month Suspension

1. Individual suspension recommended unless there have been multiple Level 2 violations within a 12-month period in which case a family suspension should be considered.

2. The length of the suspension may vary based on the severity of the offense.

3. Multiple level 1 or 2 violations at the event and whether the person has previous QM & KR and QMA COC violations within the past 12 months.

Level 3–Three to Twelve Month Suspension

1. Family suspension recommended. The length of the suspension may vary based on the severity of the offense, whether there are multiple level 1, 2 or 3 violations at that event and whether the person has a previous QM & KR and QMA COC violation within the past 12 months.

Level 4 –Revocation of Membership

1. Revocation will apply to the member and may apply to all members of a family membership. The QM & KR President/ Regional Director/National Officer or their representative will submit a detailed summary of the violations that caused the revocation.

Penalty Notification

1. The QM & KR President/Regional Director/National President or representative will review the circumstances of the violation and the resulting penalty to be imposed. (warning/suspension/revocation).

2. The defendant must be notified of the penalty in person, by phone or email and by certified mail within 24 hours.

3. Suspended members may not race at QM & KR events. Suspension will begin on the immediately after the hearing has concluded.

4. There are no appeals to this process for our track in Boulder City. Nationally there is an appeal process if a national suspension is implemented but this does not pertain to QM & KR . The suspension may remain with QM & KR even if the National suspension is reversed. Again we ( QM & KR ) are a private companies that reserves the right to refuse service to any one at any time.

Note: Level 1 violations may not be appealed to the National Board, all other violations may be appealed to the QMA in an event whereas there is a National suspension, BUT there are NO appeals with the QM & KR .

A copy of the warning/suspension/revocation letter will be placed in the member’s club personnel file, and copies will be sent to the Regional Director, National Secretary. Warning/suspension letters will remain on file for a 12-month period.

Starting 2018 all QM and Flat Kart drivers must be both a QMA member AND and SNOWR member.

Quarter Midget Rules and Classes
(kids racing 5-16)
Kids can start training at 4-1/2 y/o

This is an established class of race cars that have been around since the 1940's.
Racing greats such as Jeff Gordon and Joey Legano got their start racing QM's.


Quarter Midgets of America

We will be running Hoosier tires only on the right side of both QM's and Flat Karts.


Hoosier Tires

are required

on the right side of all race cars except Novice QM's and Flat Karts.

Novice QM's and Flat Karts are not required o run Hoosiers but it is highly suggested.

Flat Karts

Go Karts, Outlaw Karts, Cage Karts

HOOSIER TIRES are highly suggested but not required on the right side of kart.


We will be using general NKA rules overall with these exceptions below.

Kid Karts. - (age 5 - 9) (250 lbs car and driver)

  • Comer 50 or stock Predator engines.
  • Aluminum flywheel may be used on Predator.

•    (On predator) Governor may be removed, Low Oil Sensor may be unplugged or removed, no other internal or external modifications allowed.

•    Floor, Stock, or Post mounted fuel tank allowed.

•    Any Drum Clutch.

•   After market exhaust Pipe and Muffler may be used.

•   Hoosier tires on the right side highly recommended but not mandatory.  Any Tire on left.

*   Pump 97 or lower gas only.

Cadet Kart - (Ages 9-13) (250 lbs car and driver on Comer 80 and Swift, - 225 lbs car and driver with Predator engine)

  • Comer 80, Swift engine, or Modified Predator 212 cc.
  • (On predator) Governor may be removed, Low Oil Sensor may be removed.
  • After market exhaust and carburetor  may be used.
  • Aluminum flywheel may be used on Predator.
  • Advance timing key allowed on Predator.
  • Floor, Stock, or Post mounted fuel tank allowed.
  • Any Drum Clutch.  
  • Hoosier tires on the right side highly recommended but not mandatory  Any Tire on left
  • Pump 97 or lower gas only.


4 Cycle 212 Modifieds - (age 13-up)

(Engine Options, your choice, all will run together as a combined class.)

Engines may be modified and race built.

• Flathead  – 360lbs

• LO206 – 360lbs

• Animal – 360lbs

• Clone -360lbs

* Built Predator -360lbs

* KT 100 -360lbs (This is a the only two stroke we will consider until they develop their own class.  At the discretion of the Race and Tech Director)

• Stock Predator – 275lbs (ALLOWED ARE: Aluminum flywheel, advance timing key, after market exhaust, ANY carburetor, governor removed.)

• Any Centrifugal Clutch.

• Hoosiers on the right side recommended but not mandatory, any tire on the left side.

* Pump .97 or lower Gasoline Fuel only, no race fuel.



All classes must have or may be added with a 2 kart minimum.

2 Kart Minimum average for the year to make a championship class.



*Must completely cover the hands and fingers.


*SA 2010 or newer required.

*Visor must be down at all times while on track.

**May use Moto cross helmets but moto cross goggles must be used, no glasses or sunglasses.

Neck Collar



*Minimum of SFI rating of 3.2A/1 RECOMMENDED and must provide full coverage from neck to waist and gloves.  A kart Abrasion suit or thick long sleeve shirt or jacket.


*Minimum of Denim material, Abrasion suits recommended, also recommended that pants carry a SFI 3.2A-1 rating.



Membership is $20 a year paid before the first race.

This is paid at the track.

Multiple driver family discount.

Driver 1 - $20

Driver 2 - $20

Driver 3 or more - $10 each


DRIVER 1 - $50

DRIVER 2 - $50

DRIVER 3 - $30



Raceceivers - are highly recommended but not mandatory for now.  They may be in the future.

LVQMC-LLC is private property and private companies. Any person on this property without the permission of LVQMC-LLC is guilty of trespass and subject to the penalties prescribed by law. Through your registration or association, you have been given the authority and the right to be on this property in conjunction with racing activities. However, the administration of LVQMC-LLC reserves the right to revoke and cancel this authority at any time that it is felt that your presence of conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, the fans, management and employees of LVQMC-LLC.  All the rules listed above and below pertain to drivers, handlers, pit crew and spectators.  Everyone involved with the track.  Remember, these are not a public events, they are private and this is a closed group subject to the owners rules.  Both companies have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

AGE AND POINTS - Switching Age Groups. If you start racing in Group 1 and you turn 9 years old during the year you may elect to start racing in group 2 early. If you elect to switch, your points will transfer, as long as you do it before the first race after their birthday.  If you wait until the next race you will lose all your points earned and start at zero if you switch.  If you elect to switch your child from group 1 to group 2 early you MUST get approval from the Boulder City Speedway Race Director prior to that first race.  Drivers can move up a class but never back down.

Starting 2018 all QM and Flat Kart drivers must be both a QMA member AND and SNOWR member.


1.1)      All drivers, parents/guardians, car owners and mechanics assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained including death and property damage at any time they are on the premises, in route thereto or there from.

1.2)     All drivers, parents/guardians, must attend the official drivers meeting or face possible loss of starting position. A three minute time limit from first call for drivers meeting will be enforced.  Attending the drivers, parents/guardians, meeting in mandatory.

1.3)     Any car which does not line up properly will start at the rear of the field.

1.4)    If involved in an accident on the track, seek a place of safety on the infield or edge of track. Drivers may seek a place of safety in the infield following disablement. Following disablement, you must stay with your race car. Do not get out and inspect the damages. Never examine your car while cars are on the race track. Pit crews, car owners and personnel related to any car are not allowed on the track following an accident or injury.

1.5)     The only people allowed on the race track are racing officials. Everyone must stay away at all times unless requested to assist for some special reason permitted only by the track officials.

1.6)     Swapping of heat race and feature positions will not be allowed. If you are not ready for your heat race and unable to enter your assigned race, you will start on the rear of your feature event.

1.7)     Any driver late to staging and unable to take the initial green flag in his/her event will not be allowed to join that event at any time. All drivers must take the initial green flag of his/her event to compete.

1.8)     Do not enter the racing surface without express authorization: an official will okay your entry at the track entrance and signal for you to proceed.

1.9)     Any car that is not in the staging lane when the white flag is displayed to the race in progress will lose his starting position of his/her race and must start at the rear of that event. Abuse of this rule may cause disqualification.

1.10)     No track official, handler, driver or corner man will make any repairs or adjustments to any race car. The primary function of the crew is to clear the track in a timely, efficient manner.

1.11)     Any parts left at the track will be a $150.00 fine per part.  Persons deliberately spilling or dumping toxic materials at the Speedway will face cleanup charges, $100.00 Fine, maximum penalties, and possible legal action by State, County and Local agencies. .

1.12)    Any car and driver winning (3) or more feature races in a row will be considered for engine tear down inspection.

1.13)     Rules and regulations are subject to any change to help insure the safety of the drivers, spectators and any personnel on the property of LVQMC-LLC.


2.0) PROPER BEHAVIOR {See both the COC above and these rules below.  Both apply.)

2.1)      You and your child are required to maintain a sportsman like demeanor at all times at  QM & KR. Refer to the rules for guidelines. We will not tolerate profanity in front of race fans, profane signs on your car, sexual signs symbols on your car, clothes, etc. Included in this rule, no one (including your associates) is allowed to dispute a decision at the flag stand, with other officials or the scoring tower. You are expected to look like a professional and act like one.

2.2)      Two track officials shall have responsibility for rules and regulation enforcement at  QM & KR . At the discretion of the track officials in charge, any competitor may be disqualified for rule violations, hazardous equipment or hazardous actions. All disputes developing as a result of track rules must be presented to a track official in writing by the driver within 15 minutes of the completion of the race class.

2.3)         QM & KR officials will forward any disputes to management who shall decide whether the matter at hand is disputable. A $50.00 dispute fee shall accompany each separate dispute. Management’s decision on a dispute is FINAL and non-disputable. LVQMC-LLC management may take action if dispute is deemed appropriate to further the interest of fairness in competition results. Such actions include, revising official race results, imposing penalties, disqualifications and/or fines. Subjects for appeals include, scoring decisions and race procedures. Subject for Disputes include, but are not limited to inspections decisions.

2.4)      No driver or crew member may enter the racing area until he/she has completed all releases, registration and or entry forms. No person will be allowed to sign release forms and waiver sheets for anyone other than themselves. Any driver the age of 17 or under MUST have a witnessed form signed by their parent before they can race or enter the pit area. All pit area participants shall be required to obtain a valid wristband in order to access the pit area. Any and all persons not in possession of a valid pit pass shall be escorted out of the pits. Once a person has paid entry into the race park, then paid race entry and has entered the pit area, there shall be NO PIT REFUNDS MADE. No exceptions!

2.5)      All vehicles such as, race cars, personal vehicles or ATV’s, will not excessively speed through the pits at any time. 5mph is the limit. If you speed through the pit area you will not be allowed in the pit area for two races.

2.6)      Consumption of alcoholic beverages by a driver, crew member, track official or volunteer in advance of or during the duration of the races in the pit area prohibited. Each driver assumes responsibility of its crew members, family and visitors Any driver, crew member, track official, volunteer or spectator in the pit area showing evidence of the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug will result in an immediate suspension and they cannot return to racing. Any person found to be involved with a purchase or sale of any type of drug within QM & KR property shall be reported to the local police department and not allowed admittance to QM & KR for an indefinite period of time. Consumption of alcoholic beverages for the drivers will be allowed in the stand area after the race event.

2.7)    No driver, pit-man, or spectator shall participate in any action or activity detrimental to QM & KR . FIGHTING will not be tolerated. Fighting is prohibited anywhere on QM & KR property. NO exceptions. Any time the display of any type weapon or threat of bodily harm on or off the race track, may result in permanent suspension for the entire racing crew and will result in the arrest of all parties involved. Violators shall be subject to fine, suspension and or expulsion Such as but not limited to:

a)      Fighting and/or physical assault: First violation, minimum 3 month suspension. Second violation, minimum 1 year suspension. Third violation, suspended indefinitely.

b)     Fighting and/or physical assault with/of any QM & KR employee is and automatic suspension indefinitely.

c)     Unsportsmanlike conduct and/or verbal assault: First violation, Immediate removal from the property and a minimum $100 fine and/or suspension. Second violation, Immediate removal from the property and a minimum $250 fine and minimum one month suspension. Third violation, Immediate removal from the property and a minimum $500 fine and minimum one (1) year suspension.

d)      Rough driving: Penalties including suspensions and loss of points to be at discretion of track officials, and the QM & KR may impose penalties based on the severity of the incident.  Good judgement will be used by track officials especially in the rookie class. 

e)     Any driver intentionally using his/her vehicle in a malicious (pushing or multiple hits) manner: Black flagged, loss of points and suspension at discretion of officials and QM & KR

f)     Repeated violations of QM & KR rules may result in permanent suspension. All penalties imposed by QM & KR are cumulative, not a per-year basis.

2.8)      Any item thrown (i.e. helmets, tools, and/or car parts) will be confiscated and signed by the offender and auctioned to the fans. The proceeds will go to QM & KR for track improvement. This rule will be strictly enforced.



3.1)      Approval of a race car by Tech inspection shall mean ONLY that it is approved for participation in a competitive event and shall not be construed in any way to mean that it is guaranteed mechanically sound, safe or completely legal. QM & KR and or the Tech inspector shall not be liable for any mechanical failure nor for any damages, losses, injuries or death.

3.2)     QM & KR reserves the right to inspect a race car at any time. They further reserve the right to disqualify any driver and race car from competition. It is the responsibility of the driver and crew to disassemble the race car for inspection when requested to do so. Refusal to comply will result in disqualification and forfeiture of prize money and points.

3.3)      All classes must tech before entering the race event.

3.4)      If not passing tech due to a safety issue, there will be no grace race.

3.5)      All vehicles must pass the ability to start and move forward.

3.6)      All divisions are required to have the top 4 cars go DIRECTLY to tech area when leaving the racetrack. Failure to go directly to tech area is an automatic disqualification. If tech officials determine after the main event that a vehicle in tech does not meet applicable specifications, then officials have the right to impose a penalty which may result in disqualification and loss of that events points and prize money.

3.7)      In no class shall electronic traction control devices be used.

3.8)      No in-car communication device can be used and no mirrors allowed.

3.9)      No Mirrors allowed in race cars.




1. Helmet – fit/condition

2. Seat Belt & harness mounted

3. Arm Restraints (Quarter Midgets)

4. Neck Brace

5. Brakes

6. Suicide doors

7. Steering link, lock nuts or cotter keys

8. Steering wheel – securely mounted

9. Protruding objects

10. Axle Protrusion

11. Fuel Line Location

12. Spindles – Cotter Keyed

13. Cage-Mounts height

14. Frame, Nerf Bars, Bumpers, and Roll Cage


1. Seat – Condition/Mounting

2. Wing-Mounts (when applicable) 

3. Suspended Seat Karts

4. Kill Switch

5. Wheel Condition

6. Rear Axle Keepers

7. Floor Pan Condition

8. Hood & Tail Mounts

9. Tail Piece Protection

10. Fire Extinguisher in Trailer

11. Number/Letter – Size/Location

12. Box Stock Muffler (Less Spark Arrestor)

13. Chain Guard



4.1)      GREEN: Start of race. The green flag starts the race. The starter will determine the start of the race. The pole position car will set the pace. No jack-rabbit or slow-and-go starts will be permitted by pole position cars. Violations of this rule will put the pole car at the back of the starting field.

4.2)      YELLOW: Caution!! All cars racing must reduce speed be cautious.

        a) There is no change of position under caution unless directed by an official.

        b) The Driver or Drivers deemed responsible for the caution will be sent to the rear of the field.  (this is a judgment call by officials)

        c) Drivers will line up according to the finishing order of the final lap completed prior to the yellow.

        d) When a yellow flag is out, we restart that race lap.  There is NO racing to the finish line on a yellow flag.

        e) When the race is stopped before the completion of one lap, there will be a complete restart in the original starting positions with the exception of the driver or drivers who caused the caution. They will restart in the rear.

        f) A race that is forced under caution with one laps remaining will restart with a green, white, checkered finish unless the starter elects to end the race immediately due to safety concerns. 

        g) Any driver causing two (3) yellow flags in one race will be disqualified.

        h) If, on a restart, the drivers behind the leader do not properly line up after 3 yellow/caution laps, the flagman has the option to either red flag/stop the group and line them up, black flag a car, or drop the green flag and re-start the race at his discretion.

        I) There is NO working on cars on the track for any reason.  If you break down you or a handler may try to restart your car.  If you can not start it or is the car is immobile you must immediately leave or be pushed off the track.  If you do not it will result in a disqualification.  If you leave the track you have two (3) laps to re-enter the track through the hot shoot when it is safe to do so.  If you do not return in two laps (yellow or green,) the result will be a disqualification.  If you do return the laps (yellow or green) will be counted against you.

4.3)      RED: Stop at once! Danger! This lap will not be scored. Do not get out of your car unless it is on fire. Stay put until notified. Restart procedures begin when condition is returned to yellow flag.

4.4)      WHITE: One lap before checkered flag. If a caution comes out on the last lap, the race will be over. Scorers will score the last completed lap except for the car that caused the caution, these car will be scored in the last place.

4.5)      CHECKERED: Race is complete.

4.6)      RED and YELLOW: Complete restart. Go back to original starting positions.

4.7)      ROLLED UP BLACK FLAG: Warning for rough driving, intentional or unintentional lack of control of vehicle. Next incident will result in full black flag. Drivers are not allowed to stop their race vehicles on the track at any time to protest his or hers position or any other aspect of officiating. The driver will be immediate placement to the rear of the lineup. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

4.8)      BLACK: Rough driving, intentional or unintentional, excessive causing of yellow flags. Driver must leave the track immediately and may be disqualified with loss of points and entry fee for the night. Entry fee will NOT be refunded in any circumstances including and especially die to a black flag.

4.9)     BLUE WITH YELLOW STRIPE: You are being lapped, hold your position. If a driver should abuse or continually disrespect these flags when given, he/she may be suspended for the remainder of the season.



5.1)      Car numbers must be on both sides and front, at least 6” in height on the sides and 4” in height on the front and of contrasting color to the color of the car.

5.2)      Vehicles running a letter with a number, the letter must be smaller than the size of the number and must follow the number and visible to see from the tower.

5.3)      Symbols will not be recognized as part of the car number.

5.4)      If the number cannot be instantly recognized, the car may not be allowed to compete.

5.5)      If numbers and/or letters cannot be easily read by the scorekeepers, the car may not be scored

5.6)       All numbers and letters on car must be neat.

5.7)      Take pride in the appearance of your car. We know you spend the time and hours on them, let it show.

LVQM Championship LLC company By-Laws


The Las Vegas Quarter Midget Championship LLC is a company located and registered in Las Vegas Nevada

Copies of these BY-LAWS may be requested by asking the owner and club president Jeff Hobbs.